5 Fun Reasons Guys Need a Remote Control Drone

Fun with drones

Remote control drones are a fairly new to the market, especially affordable drones that can be used for our own entertainment. With any new toy comes an experimental phase, and the need to find out all the interesting and unique ways to use it.

It seems almost weekly that a new news story is breaking about a drone seen flying overhead annoying someone. Amazon has been rumored to be developing a drone to deliver shipments, and there are numerous funny YouTube videos showing people flying them around.

As a disclaimer, these are just uses that a remote control drone is capable of carrying out. I am not suggesting or condoning the use of a drone for any oft he following, with that said – check out these 5 fun reasons guys need a remote control drone:

1. A Lazy Way to Interact with the Family Pet

We all enjoy playing with our cat or dog. But pets have the worst timing, always wanting to play when we have something else to do, or playing for longer than we want to. Well having a drone makes interacting with your pets a lot easier!

Pet playing with drone

Sit back, relax, and have fun flying the drone around your living room while your dog helplessly chasing it back and forth. Cats can be a bit more stubborn as all cat owners know, but you can get some reactions when performing low flying maneuvers.

2. Spying on the Neighbors

I know it’s wrong, but I am just saying out loud what one of the first things people with a remote control drone thinks. Surveillance or ‘spying’ is a natural thought of the inquisitive human mind, and this is certainly going to be an issue going forward as drones become more accessible.

Obviously there are the good uses, such as helping in a disaster situation, checking up on high roofs for damage etc. But it’s going to be hard for the average 20-30 year old to resist looking through the neighbor’s window!

3. Causing Air Navigation Security Risks at High Profile Soccer Matches

OK, this one is slightly in jest, but it has happened more than once. Most recently in October, 2014, someone decided to fly a drone over a soccer match. It’s a sure fire way to get yourself noticed and cause some controversy.

There are still some uncertainty around the guidelines in different countries regarding the use of drones. But causing some public disorder is going to get you in trouble.

4. Awesome Photos

By far the most useful application of a drone it to fly high up and take photos or shoot some film. Drones have been used for some time to do this and with great effect, snapping epic photos of natural disasters, riots, and scenic aerial shots.

Remote Control Drone

You can expect an influx of YouTube videos this year with aerial drone footage. A lot of models are coming equipped with decent cameras, so it’s only a matter of time.

5. Transporting Food and Beer While Watching the TV

Another typical guy use for a drone. We can’t all train our other half’s to run around after us and our friends when we are watching the game. In fact, very few of us can get away with that. So how about using a drone as your own little portable slave robot.

It’ll need some forward planning, they are not advanced enough to go into a fridge and crack open a beer. But there has been some pizza deliveries by drone, so it’s not such a distant dream to think they will be fetching food and drink for us around the house in the not-too-distant future.